Hillary Clinton is the second Democratic candidate running for the 2016 election. Having been Bill Clinton’s first lady during his presidency, Hillary has first-handedly witnessed the power and responsibility that comes with being the president of the United States. According to a  Newsweek 1993 article that was re-published on the occasion that Hillary would be running for president:

“Mrs. Clinton is far more than a first lady. She has her own network, which stretches across the country and deep into the new administration. In charge of the administration’s most important domestic initiative, reform of the nation’s $800 billion health care system, she wasted no time on jokes or slaps on the back. She has practice. The Clintons (had) decided to duplicate the tag-team strategy they used in… the early 1980’s to develop and sell a controversial package of educational reform. Hillary traveled to each of the state’s 75 counties, holding hearings and selling change.

While these quotes are only a glimpse from the 1993 article and her many variety of roles, we can agree that Hillary’s experiences working in and out of the White House had made her proficient and head-strong in her ability to overcome and lead. Bill must have certainly been thankful for having such a clever woman as his wife! And so, this week we will be discussing Hillary’s health plan for America.

In contrast to Bernie Sanders’s willingness to change the American health care system, Hillary Clinton is defending Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. However, instead of going from the now 90% coverage under ObamaCare, Hillary wants to achieve 100% coverage.

Here are a few elements that she wants to fight for:

  • Defending the ACA and building on it to slow the growth of out-of-pocket costs.
  • Breaking down rising prescription drug prices and hold drug companies accountable.
  • Protect women’s access to reproductive health care, including contraception and abortions.

As a woman myself, speaking in regards to access to reproductive health care, I feel empowered by Hillary’s activism for equality in reproductive rights. In fact, having Hillary as President would be an important next step in ensuring that women have a voice. Which is especially important now, as women are still being shut down too often in today’s society.

One additional point about Hillary’s approach that we find worth highlighting, is in regards to her effect on the most vulnerable populations (in contrast to Sanders). This is something we in the Community Health program take very seriously. The author, Mari Brighe, points out that “If you’re happy to let a GOP candidate win the presidency because Sanders isn’t the Democratic candidate, you’re not nearly as progressive as you think you are, and you probably should examine your own social privilege.” Bernie is certainly a crusader for health rights as well, but this is definitely a point worth considering. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.44.03 AM.png

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Here is some additional information on Hillary’s proposed health plan:

  • Fighting for universal health coverage by encouraging all states to expand Medicaid and access to families regardless of immigration status.
  • Extending health care access to rural Americans, who often have difficulty finding quality, affordable, health care.
  • Ensuring women have access to affordable, critical health services such as breast exams and cancer screenings.

Signing off, Angelina.


All of us at the CHC3 team would like to thank you for reading our blog posts over the past few months. We really hope you learned something new about healthcare policy, internationally and nationally, and about the 2016 running candidates. This election couldn’t be more important in regards to how it will affect the U.S. healthcare system, for yourself, and so many vulnerable populations. So, whatever you do this November, remember this one thing: VOTE! 



Sincerely, the CHC3 Team.

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