Does Trump have the ideas for a health care plan that we will see as the most triumphant option? If you support a health plan that operates under free market principles, you may be in luck!

Trump is pitching for a free enterprise health care market. What does that mean? Essentially, it is a system that provokes people to compete for the health care provided to them. He claims that since he hasn’t been bought out by some large insurance company, that he would truly fight for the chance for every American to compete in a free market for care. His goal is to have health insurance company monopolies be broken and allow Americans to buy across states.

In his own words, when asked on if he shared a stance close to Hillary or Bernie on health care, Trump responded: “I think I’m closer to common sense…. And I will tell you, part of the reason we have some people laughing, because you have insurance people that take care of everybody up here. I am self-funded. The only one they’re not taking care of is me. We have our lines around each state. The insurance companies are getting rich on Obamacare. The insurance companies are getting rich on health care and health services and everything having to do with health. … We’re going to get a plan where people compete, free enterprise. They compete. So much better.”



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Here is an extremely simplified breakdown of his 7 point health care reform plan:

  1. Entirely repeal Obamacare – no is is required to buy insurance
  2. Allow for full competition in health care insurance market by allowing for sale of health insurance across state lines
  3. Allow for buyers to fully deduct health insurance premium payment from tax returns
  4. Establish Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), which are basically estates individuals can set-up with tax-free contributions they make throughout their lifetime in regards to health and it can be passed down to any member in the family as inheritance
  5. Require price transparency from all healthcare providers, so individuals can shop for the best prices for any medical-related procedure
  6. Eliminate grant Medicaid to the states and create incentives for states to seek out and eliminate fraud within the Medicaid structure
  7. Remove barriers to entry into free markets for drug providers, allowing consumers access to safer, reliable, and more cheaper drugs

Want more info? Here’s his healthcare plan details.

Essentially, he wants to give a voice to the buyer. I think the plan could work and it seems innovative to have a candidate pushing to eliminate federal and state regulations. We already live in a profit based economy, so why not add health care into the mix where consumers can push for competition and increase satisfaction?  What are your thoughts?

Signing off, Jen.

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