John Kasich is the 69th and current governor of the state of Ohio. Prior to that he represented the 12th congressional district of Ohio in the United States House of Representative for nine terms. His tenure in the house included the House Armed Services Committee, and The House Budget Committee. He was also instrumental in the reformation of the Welfare System.

On July 15, 2015, John Kasich announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. One of the most talked about issues in this presidential race is the Affordable Care Act, or Obama Care as it is commonly called. Every Republican candidate expressed their desire to repeal Obama Care. However, Kasich came under fire for his acceptance of the Medicaid Expansion bill under Obama Care. His fellow Republican has long viewed his acceptance of the bill as a probable liability. His Republican rivals Donald Trump, Gov. Jeb Bush, and Sen. Ted Cruz wasted no time criticizing him since his stance on the bill could have enabled him to emerge as the top alternative to Mr. Trump, Gov. Jeb Bush, and Sen. Cruz. Gov. Kasich fired back by stating that he is for repealing Obama Care, but expanding Medicaid in his home state brought money back to Ohio. He added that the state is saving money, as well as saving lives. He also noted that at the end of the day that is what matters to him. Governor Kasich also urged Jeb Bush to be more positive in his thinking.


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Since Gov. Kasich’s expansion of Medicaid, more than 450,000 low and moderate income Ohioans have secured insurance coverage.

  • Adults under the age of 65 with incomes ranging between $16,105 and $32, 913 are eligible for Medicaid, while individuals who are enrolled in Medicaid receive free to low-cost coverage.
  • The state is saving approximately $22,500 a year per individual, by treating mental health patients, and people addicted to drugs instead of sending them to prison.
  • Funding to be shifted from nursing homes to home-based care. This caused an uproar in the nursing home industry, but the Governor did not back down. He eventually won the necessary votes in the Legislature.
  • The program has enabled Ohio to cut taxes by 5 billion dollars, and grow approximately 350,000 jobs.

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On May 4, 2016 Gov. Kasich announced the suspension of his presidential campaign. This cemented Donald Trump’s position as the nominee for the Republican Party. The moderate voiced Kasich, failed to win any state primary but his home state. He stated that the Lord has a purpose for him. The governor said that he has a renewed, and deeper faith in the Lord and he will continue to live a purpose driven life. I firmly believe that Mr. Kasich will make a good running mate for Donald Trump, since he has years of experience in the political arena. He is also mild mannered thus making him very composed to deal with the challenges ahead.

Thanks for reading, Roz.

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